New Year Resolution

Entry by: Lainie Senechal

7th January 2015
My Resolutions

To gaze upward; stare
at ever shifting sky;
keep my head in clouds
as they fly across
each facet of the moon.

To never neglect nuances
of various seasons:
first snowdrop to
don its ivory bell;
song sparrow's sweet trill
in morning's twilight;
sun's shimmer on summer sand;
sea's warm, salty embrace;
a yellow leaf that lands blithely,
ragged calligraphy of cormorants
across autumn's dome;
solitary flake silently drifting
in brittle air of a frigid night;
frolic of flames in hearth.
These matters I will regard.

To exist in the twinkling of time;
cease memory's constant churning;
abandon tomorrow's anxious hours;
be mindful each minute
of every golden hour.