Positions Of Power

Entry by: QueenC

29th November 2017
The Gates of Hell
People say I look incredibly humble and nice. They also think I’m like the nerdy guy in that novel, you know the one, where the main character has autism…. but still manages to get himself a wife. Half of Silicon Valley self identifies somewhere on the spectrum. And I’m no different except that I’m a one-man world bank. And like the rest of the valley’s nerdy layer I am without emotional intelligence. Actually I’d say that I am more like the Russian Orthodox church—ruthless.
Melinda says she just wants a normal life. Why marry a famous aspie man if you want a normal life? In fact, why marry at all? This, she tells me, is way too literal and not a very Catholic thought. You see SHE is catholic. And when we met the Pope (another man with a position of power), holy communion, did she have some fast talking to do about her birth control projects! Now my folks were Congregationalists a way more decent and rational cohort than her fancy vestment brigade… Don’t tell her I said that…Anyway I was relieved when someone messaged me that the Vatican doesn’t have a seat on the United Nations …
So, I want to bring you in on a subject about which every world citizen should be worried. It keeps me up at night more than the megawatts of blue light I’ve absorbed since I was twelve. No, it’s not Climate Change, Malaria or Donald Trump. It… it's a type of…a kind of…. overwhelming FEAR I’ve been getting about Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Robots. Ed Horowitz thinks I’m hallucinating. But I am sure I saw a man pretending to be ME talking to CNN. He was plugged in. And he was telling the audience not to worry about privacy laws and that we should be helping Donald Trump keep Zorro out of the United states…And let me be clear I do not want to share my position of power with a robot! no because I know they are only a degree or two different from me and they’ll be even more like the Russian orthodox church— and as you know by now that’s ruthless
Well whether you believe me or not I want you to see that our planet needs a vision for the kind of robots we want. We do not need a cast of loony tunes who can turn against us like a Chinese war ship in the south china sea. Personally, I believe the AI robot prototype should be Rosie the Jetsons maid. And going forward the world needs a moral operating system or MOS. Let’s program it into all robots and humans alike. The market opportunities are dazzling. And I’m proud to announce that Microsoft has started development work on the first Microsoft moral operating system (MMOS) this year. The upfront costs for development are enormous. To tell you the truth consultation on end user requirements have almost stopped. The other day Australia walked out of a survey group because Japan believes Robots should be able to harpoon a whale. And get this, most countries think robots should not be allowed to own a gun and so America walked out of the ‘actions that are clearly immoral’ think tank.
It’s going to be hard …but then Melinda and I have always liked a coding challenge. Look if all else fails we’ll just pray.